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In 1906, Paul Fleitz’s great-grandfather, Joseph Fleitz, purchased and began farming the Seaman Road land. The farm was inherited by Paul’s grandfather, John Fleitz, who purchased Cedar Point School, a one room schoolhouse on Corduroy Road, and moved the school to the farm. The school was transformed into a home, and John and his wife Margaret raised their family of three children in the former schoolhouse.The original schoolhouse bell is located to this day on the back of the Fleitz home. In 1977, John passed away and his grandson Paul purchased the home and began farming the land.


In 1991, Paul decided to give pumpkin farming a try. Paul and his family grew ½ acre of pumpkins that year, and piled them up for sale in the front yard. In 1993, Paul created a maze from snow fence, and the family tied a corn stalk on both sides of every slat of the fence. It was quite a job, but the maze was a masterpiece! Our maze was definitely the first in the area, and sometimes we have had a chuckle wondering if we didn’t launch all the corn maze mania.

In 1999, we expanded our tiny maze onto over six acres of the farm when we created our one-acre and five-acre mazes, as well as our family free maze. In 2000, we added a snack shop.

Fleitz Pumpkin Farm has been a family project from the start, and we are so grateful to all the extended family and friends who have made it possible. When Paul and Cheryl began Fleitz Pumpkin Farm, their kids were quite young. Trisha was 13, Carrie 10, Gary, 6, and Katie 3. Now you’ll see Trisha, Carrie and Katie’s husbands, Gregg, Jason and Craig, and Gary’s wife Kylie hauling pumpkins, and Paul and Cheryl’s grandchildren riding on the pumpkin wagons. Katie and Gary can’t remember life before pumpkins!

Paul’s parents, Bert and Marie, have been invaluable to the success of the pumpkin farm. You'll still find Bert husking and bunching indian corn. Marie went to be with the Lord in 2008. She is greatly missed. You’ll be sure to find Paul’s sisters and their families driving the hayride wagon, stocking the produce, working in the snack shack, picking and bagging apples, and hauling pumpkins.

Cheryl's father, Howard Schumaker, who tiredlessly washed pumpkins over the years, went to be with the Lord in 2006. He is also greatly missed.

There have been many years with not enough rain and years with too much rain. Business suffered in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But we give all glory to Jesus Christ for his continued provision and the success and joy he has given our family through the pumpkin farm. We hope that the farm has been a blessing to your family as well, and we thank you for your support and look forward to serving you in the future.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!
The Fleitz Family